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Entrepreneur Program

One Step Closer To The Extraordinary Life You Deserve

You are in the right place if...

  • You are someone who’s ready to leave corporate?

  • You are someone who’s ready to turn your hobby into a business?

  • You are someone who’s been running a business but never set it up correctly?

  • You want to turn your passion into a profitable business but you’re busy working for someone else or life gets in the way.

  • You are not making the money you know you are worth and you want to fix it NOW!

  • You want to increase your credibility by obtaining an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship.

Information  *  Innovation  *  Implementation

The I3 Dream Builder Entrepreneur Program is a hands-on, step-by-step business planning and implementation program for start-up and early-stage businesses.

This program is designed to walk you through the essential steps you need to launch or restructure your business the correct way for long term success. You will gain the Success Strategies that Connect Information, Innovation and Implementation.

Imagine what your business would be like if you had the right INFORMATION, you used your creativity for INNOVATION and you put it into action through IMPLEMENTATION.

Gazing Out the Window

Through interactive learning and expert guest speakers you will be given the resources to create or pivot your business in the most effective way.  

What If The Journey To The Next Level Of Success Could Earn You
An Associates or Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Would you be open to the idea that anything is possible? Because it truly is!


Satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit and build the skills necessary to succeed in today's business world and earn your Associates Degree (AAS) or Bachelors Degree (BS) from an accredited Christian University!                Imagine what that might look like for you…

An accredited, entrepreneurship degree may be the starting block you need to help you develop the skills you need to build the company you’ve always dream of

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An entrepreneurship degree teaches you how to launch a new business venture.

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Entrepreneurship classes help hone your leadership, marketing, and negotiation skills.

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Explore breakthrough concepts to help you deliver on great ideas and successfully drive innovation.

There's a proven system of transformation – designed for people just like you – that you can follow to take your success to new heights more quickly than you've imagined.

The Success Ignitor for Your Business Idea!

 So What Really Is The Secret to Success...

The I-3 Dream Builder Entrepreneur Program (AAS/BS) strategically delivers comprehensive training to small businesses by providing entrepreneurs with a better understanding of starting, operating and setting up a small business the Right Way.

The  program offers IMPLEMENTATION as opposed to just teaching concepts so that you already have everything done to start your business. This course involves approximately 48 hours of intensive training facilitated by expert instructors. Here's what you can expect to get...

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Help writing your one page business plan the perfect starting point to define in detail your company's objectives and how to achieve your goals.


Training on where to find appropriate marketing research information needed to set business goals

Determine target markets and reach these markets with the most effective marketing mix and to use this mix to meet financial goals.

An understanding of financial information and how it can and should be used to steer a business toward its goals.

Completely implementing the steps to set up a business the Right Way.

Take the first steps to building business credit

An understanding of the entrepreneurial experience and entry strategies.

An opportunity to network with other small business owners and professionals.

Take your business to the next level with the 
I3 Dream Builder Program

Hear what past students are saying...

We are committed to helping you create a business you love!

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